For those who don't know me, my name is Linh Duong and I have been coming to Agape Church for about four years. My family consists of my mum, two sisters and my nephew Jayden.


I'm going to share a little about how I came to Christ.


My life before was not with Jesus. I grew up in a Buddhist family. So I grew up knowing very little about God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Although, I would hear all the stories about Jesus - especially during Easter and Christmas - but that was what they were to me at the time – just stories and it's funny. One of the children's book that I loved so much that I kept reading over and over was the story of the three wise men.


In 2010, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and in 2011, surpassing the doctor’s expectations, he passed away. My dad was cremated and his ashes lies at the temple my family goes to. During this time, my family became a lot more devoted to Buddhism. They prayed a lot more to Buddha and performed religious rituals more often. I also became more spiritual and I questioned more about life and death.


Then comes year 2013 when God crossed my path with Thanh Pham. Thanh was the first to help me on my walk with God. He bought me a Bible on our first Christmas together and took me to church for the very first time. Many of you may also know that Thanh also grew up in a Buddhist family so Thanh had already gone through it all. God really planned this all out really well!


So in March 2014, I gave my life to Jesus.  I was working at a child care centre and I was by myself out back, setting up the toys for the children for when they come out to play. As I was setting up the toys, I was in deep thought questioning God’s existence and Jesus’s existence when suddenly I felt something inside me that I can not explain. It’s like I suddenly understood and accepted that “Yes! He is real! He is here". And I wanted to share this with a delivery man that was coming through. Not soon after this, was Agapes Easter service. At the end of the service, I seek out Kim and prayed the prayer with her. The prayer to commit my life to Christ.


Ever since then I've learnt a lot about God, about His character and His will for us at church. That church is not about the building but about His people. And I'm still learning. I still stumble sometimes. But I know God and His family will be there to pick me right back up. Sometimes I would ask why God would forgive someone who's been so sinful in His eyes. But He reminds me that His church is for the broken. His church is for the wounded. His church is for His people from all walks of life. And there's nothing he can't forgive. His church is exactly where I needed to be. Where I give him my past, my present and my future. 


So I am thankful to God that I have been welcomed into a loving family. I am thankful to God for all my brothers and sisters in Christ that He has placed in my life. God has and will continue to encourage and challenge me. Thank you Church for allowing me to get baptised at Agape. I look forward to growing in my walk with God with you all.