We would like to share with the church the aim, the focus and the goal of the English Ministry for both Kingsgrove and Agape. We have been so encouraged to see so many people attend the English Congregation over the years. However, we don’t want to be a church that settles for that.


Our goal is to see people grow in their love for Jesus, deepen in their understanding of Jesus and stretched in their service to Jesus.


This is why the majority of the focus and the money invested into the English Ministry is on training and equipping. There are a number of conferences and camps that we are urging all members of our English Congregation to attend. This is not just so they have something to go to but we believe that these training resources are perfectly suitable to see people work toward the goal.


These training resources include:


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TWIST Conference, which is a one-day event aimed at teaching music leaders how to lead the church in worship and singing. The goal is to teach our music team Biblical theology regarding worship and therefore lead the church not only in singing, but in teaching God’s Word through singing.


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Alliance Youth Australia IMPACT Camp, is a weekend camp aimed at both preaching about God’s mission but also practically living out God’s mission in the community. The goal is give our youth an experience of being on mission in communities and serving people in need.


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NextGen is a week-long conference in Katoomba focusing on training potential future leaders of the church who are able to teach the Bible. This involves studying theology, doctrine and teaching techniques that will equip each person to better handle the Word of God.


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SWEATCON is another week-long conference held in the South West of Sydney designed to further equip our current Youth Group leaders in theology, doctrine and tools to study and teach the Bible.


The goal of NextGen and SWEATCON is to grow Biblically solid teachers of God’s Word. With this, we can have more people equipped in leading and teaching the Bible, which means we can have more Bible study groups so that all members of our church can be part of a Bible study group. The aim here is to see all members of the English Ministry attending and engaging in a Bible study group led by a teacher who is trained and equipped.


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KYCK is a weekend camp in Katoomba for youth and high schoolers to hear talks and worship with other churches from all around Australia.


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EQUIP is a one-day women’s seminar intended to encourage and build up their faith and love for Jesus.


Our church is so blessed to have all these events and ministries available to us. God has given us these resources to grow our church. The goal of all these is to see the members of our English Ministry be given every opportunity to grow in their love for Jesus, deepen in their understanding of Jesus and stretched in their service to Jesus. Through these ministry resources, we can see the next church pastors, church leaders, Bible study leaders, missionaries, preachers, disciplers and mentors.


Please contact:

Rev. Nam Doan

0415 133 698